Welcome, in Hindistori.com My name is Rishi. I live from a middle class family. Friends, after finishing my college, started this blog "HindiStori". I am a full time blogger in this blog today. In my blog Hindistori, I give you lots of good tips in new ways and very easy words, I try to explain to people. I am from Bihar.

We give the following information to the people.

1. Tips to make money

2. Mobile Information

3. Technology related

4. About the new job

5. Way to Make Money Online

6. Story and Jokes

7. Shayari and Status

8. Tiktok Tips

9. Social Media Tricks

10. Blogging

I give many such information in very easy words to people in my blog.

Some link to join me

  • Facebook id - Rishisharakar
  • Instagram - @Rishi624
  • TikTok id - @Rishijiorignal
  • E-mail id - Rishi.sk.nk@gmail.com

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